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What is Microfat?

Microfat is an alternative to provide a "THerapeutic Drugstore" for Joint Pain. Microfat is currently being used for pain in the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Micro-Fragmented Adipose Tissue, otherwise known as Microfat has some promising properties to help with Joint Pain.

How does it work?

Microfat hosts about 2 million stem cells in approximately 100ml of Lipoaspirate. It is through the co-injection of fragmented fat cells, by way of the fat filtering process might stimulate stem cells to differentiate and regenerate tissue.

Are there studies with microfat used for Joint Pain?

Yes, studies have shown clinically significant improvement in pain scales, activity levels and sport participation.

How is Microfat created?

First, a small amount of fat is harvested usually from the flank area. Next the fat is mechanically emulsified through specialized equipment. Then Dr. Rogers team who consists of an orthopedic surgeon, podiatrists and Dr. Rogers will inject the fat into the painful joint followed by PRP.

How long until Pain Relief?

Pain relief usually occurs between 48-72 hours.

Where is the procedures performed?

Dr. Rogers Centers has a procedure suite dedicated for this particular procedure. The Pro Nox system is used for complete comfort during the procedure.

Is the procedure FDA approved?

Yes, the procedure is approved by the FDA.


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