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*Results are not typical. On average 87% of our clients achieve meaningful weight loss using the 12-week program. Meaningful weight loss is defined as sufficient weight loss to improve co-morbid conditions. Results are based on a random sample of our patients who completed a 12-week program.

After losing 44 lbs. on Dr. Rogers weight loss program, I have more energy and self-confidence than I have had in 15 years.
-- Sandy

Dr. Rogers kept me on track to reaching my goal of losing 35 lbs.
-- Elizabeth

I have maintained my weight loss for over 5 years employing Dr. Rogers Weight Loss Center's Maintenance program.
-- Laura

My husband is now married to the girl he dated in college. He loves it! I completed both the Rapid Results and Jump Start programs for a combined weight loss of 45 pounds.
-- Rachelle

I started the Rapid Results program on February 2010. Since I started the program, I lost 38 pounds! I really liked how simple the plan was, and how it was effective immediately.
-- Lori

If you're looking for a way to gain the confidence that you can "do it" - I can personally recommend Dr. Rogers as your answer!
-- Deborah

I never in a million years thought I could ever lose 30 lbs in twelve weeks. But I did!! Dr. Roger's program is very easy to follow and I truly didn't feel deprived. I had lots of energy and did all my normal activities. I feel so much healthier and happy and have gotten off some medications. It really does work!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose eight and be healthier.
-- Becky

85 Lbs. down & going strong. I have had an amazing journey w/ Dr. Rogers & her staff. Over the course of a year we have worked together to transform my life. I started out as an obese, unhealthy and unhappy person. I am now 85 lbs lighter, have a normal weight, exercise regularly and am happy with myself. I feel great and I owe it all to Dr. Rogers weight loss programs. As a culinary teacher I can honestly say “it works! If I can do it so can you!” Thanks to Dr. Rogers and all her staff.
-- Debbie

It was easy and wonderful. I believe fully in the program. I learned how to eat and keep my weight off. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to lose weight and keep it off.
-- Patty

If you have tried every diet don’t give up until you have met Dr. Rogers and her staff. They follow you every step of the way and when you hit a bump they push you over.
-- Connie

Thanks to the help of Dr. Rogers and all of the supporting staff, I have found “my person” again. The person I have known myself to be.
-- Rhonda

Dr. Roger’s program is easy, effective, & my primary doctor encouraged the weight loss. I look in the mirror & it’s the younger me! I lost over 60 lbs using Dr. Rogers HCG program, and cannot remember weight loss being so easy. I have a high stress job in addition to being a wife and mother. I never feel tired or hungry.
-- Bobbie

Dr Rogers saved my life from over eating.
-- Erik

Thank you Dr. Rogers for helping to discover my unknown medical scare! It was because of your thorough medical appointments that you discovered my underlying conditions that potentially saved my life! I am now on my way to a healthier life!
-- Patient P

For the first time in 11 years, my son stated how he could now wrap both arms around to hug me!
-- Kenneth

I've tried everything before, all sorts of programs. What's different about Dr. Rogers' programs is that you consistently see results every week, which helps keep you motivated and encouraged. Bottom line is that it really works!
-- Patient L

The Rapid Results program was awesome because it produced results in the way that I needed to stay motivated; I've lost 76 lbs & 66 inches! I never thought it would be possible, but it was! This was not just a diet, this was HOPE and now my life will never be the same. Thank you for giving me the tools to turn my life around!
-- Patient S

"I've tried all the major weight reduction programs & this is the one & only that has produced weight loss for me. Attending weekly appointments is a real pleasure! Each member of the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, & compassionate; They quickly seem like old friends. I'm pleased to give Dr. Rogers Weight Loss Centers' programs my highest recommendation!"
-- Rita

"I would highly recommend Dr. Rogers Weight Loss Centers to anyone who is interested in a weight loss program. Dr. Rogers & her staff thoroughly explained about their programs in great detail, personalized a plan for me, & catered to my busy schedule needs so that I could accomplish my weight loss goals. Because of their support & encouragement, so far I have lost 8 inches & have more energy than I have had in several years!"
-- Patient H

"After losing 100 pounds, my daughter now thinks I'm taller!"
-- Patient S